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Smash Bros 3DS Pic of the Day #1

Toon Link is no amused

Toon Link is not amused

Hyrule Warriors – Starring Ren and Stimpy

John Oliver in Japan

This man is famous.  Did you know that?  Did you also know that the dedicated biological scholars and geneticists who made the classic cartoon series the Flinstones also asserted that every person on the planet has a doppelganger – someone who looks identical to you, but is not related to you in any way.

It’s true.  Hanna-Barbera was a vast scientific community of women, men, dogs, bears and flying bird-people attorneys.

But what I’m trying to get at here is this……. I’VE FOUND JOHN OLIVER’S DOPPELGANGER – and he is in Japan!!





Not Japan. (link)



Not Japan.

Not Japan. (link)



John Oliver in New York.

Not Japan. (link)

I’m not sure who this gentleman is – he was on TV when I got home from work one day and all I could do was snap a few pictures before the program ended.

Uncanny.  I rest my case.


Hipster Mario 3D World


A little while ago I did a post about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – and as much as I at first wanted to dislike her (nihilist that I am!), I found that I actually had some respect for her (for one thing her target audience IS NOT pedophilic old men, unlike some major idol groups WHO NEED NOT BE MENTIONED).  But I don’t think I captured just how pervasive this gal has become.

Can you remember a time when we all “DID THE MARIO“?

Well now Mario “does the Pamyu.”


Yes, Nintendo is releasing its newest line of 3DS hardware in Japan with Japan’s biggest fashion auteur, Kyary.  And I must be becoming a consumer whore in my old age because I think I may actually…….. ALMOST……….. kinda……….

But all that aside, me thinks I’d like to see some more of this fashion in future Mario games!  Peach and Luigi are my favs here, yo.



*All images are from


Vodka for Breakfast – a Midna Tribute

W007!  Thanks to a good pal, I’ve finally been able to upload my *experimental* cartoons up to YouTube!  Today’s feature – Vodka for Breakfast.  Music and animation by Cameron Ohara!

Smash Brothers (3DS) Alcohol Review

Kumamoto Castle ♪Ю―(^▽^o) ♪

Oh my goodness gracious! Kumamoto City is so beautiful! And believe me, finding a big city in Japan that is actually nice to look at (i.e. one that has a little green, and is not chalk full of white and grey buildings with rust stains running down the sides) is pretty tough in my experience!

But Kumamoto is breath-taking!!  Not to mention the castle is AS RAD AS ALL SHIT!  (i.e. It’s amazing!)

Here are a few shots of a recent trip:


Like the ears?


The castle itself!


From atop the castle.


From below the castle.


The insides of the castle and its compounds were huge! This was just one of the many halls – can you imagine having a party here in medieval Japan??

Definitely a place to check out if you’re in Japan.  And if this wasn’t enough, apparently Rivers Cuomo of Weezer has been spotted in the area (see Kumamoto Kid).


the Cleanest Water in Japan

I thought Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was a new McDonald’s hamburger

I’ll be totally honest – this was going to be a post about how Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is to music what SPAM is to food – cheaply produced and processed product to be consumed en masse.

While I still think this is true, I discovered that there is a little bit more to Kyary than I first thought!

This was my beef (100% REAL BEEF, nyuk nyuk nyuk -[ronald mcdonald please dont kill me])…  *AHEM*

So this was my beef: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu cannot sing – OK, so she can hold a tune and sing in-key as far as I can tell, so I suppose technically she can sing.  But her voice is very normal and nothing spectacular to listen to.  Surprising when she is one of the most popular singers in Japan.  And, more or less, this is my beef with a lot of pop music in Japan – the singers can’t sing.  I’ve asked my friends here, “Why can’t idols in Japan sing??” and the response is, “They’re idols – they don’t need to be able to sing.”  Further evidence for this comes from fellow blogger, London Senpai, “Kyary is not supposed to be musically talented. She is more about image featuring her creative fashion sense as one of the main subjects of her career…

So the music is just a means of delivering fashion ideas to the world – like trucks are a means of delivering Happy Meals and Big Macs.  All right, whatever.  A younger me would have become enraged at this idea but I’m almost 30 – I don’t have the energy any longer.  But then again, I could look at it the other way – music has often been used to sell or promote something other than the music itself – it’s been used to tell stories, or even spread social messages (donotcompareKyarytoBobDylandonotcompareKyarytoBobDylandonotcompareKyarytoBobDylan…).  So whatever.  All the singers with real talent can do is roll their eyes and get back to filing papers and work reports.  *sigh*

The mixing of her music is nothing to marvel at either.  And again *DISCLAIMER* it’s not that anything is mixed poorly, it’s just more that everything sounds like it was produced for children.  Dare I saw the production value for the music in Lazy Town is better than Kyary’s.  (PLEASE CLICK THAT LINK – that song is so awesome! lol).  But then when I stop to think about who some of her biggest fans are – I realize they are  CHILDREN!

But adults listen to!  Heck, everyone listens!  And why?  My guess is that someone with a lot of money payed TV and radio stations to air Kyary’s music non-stop – that’s how you hook people on music: you make something half decent and then you play it incessantly.  The human brain loves that familiarity!

But whether or not this hunch of mine is correct, there is some spirit in Kyary – and this is what changed this post from a criticism to an enlightenment.

See, the thing that I’ve come to like about Kyary is that she had to fight to be herself.  According to her Wikipedia page, Kyary grew up a single child under two very strict parents who often quarreled with her over her fashion sense (this is something I can relate to, having dyed my hair fuchsia in high school).  Arguments and early curfews lead Kyary to leave the house dressed ‘normally’ (with a bag containing her ‘real’ clothes for the day) and change someplace else (ala Spider-Man!).

And she started small – blogging, no less, (MAYBE I’LL BE THE NEXT KYARY PAMYU PAMYU!) about fashion and working her way up.  This is where I begin to respect her.  Reading her Wikipedia page, some of her success appears happenstance – like she was just in the right place at the right time.  But through it all, DARE I SAY, she’s just been trying to be herself.  And that’s something that I can admire.

It’s also something I cannot say about fast food chains – where is the heart there?  Oh right – it’s on the operating table undergoing a triple bypass.  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu may not be a musical genius or revolutionary, and she may be super over-hyped, but at the center of all the production is heart – the music is fun, innocent and it makes people happy.  That’s enough that I can enjoy her music every now and again (and still sleep at night).

PLUS she says her full name is “Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.”

(O 3 O)  pfffffffffffft!!!!  XD

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