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Kitamura Kazuki – the Sun-Baked Bad Boy

Kitamura Kazuki

Heeeeeere’s Kazu! (source)

Meet Kitamura Kazuki - This dude is a pirate.

Born in 1969 in Osaka as Kitamura Yasushi, Kazuki was intrigued by movies at a young age.  Inspired by nautical films, he decided that he wanted to become a pirate and eventually enrolled in the Yuge National College of Maritime Technology to achieve this goal.  However, upon realizing that this dream would not come true, he dropped out in his third year to pursue his other dream of becoming an actor.  Kazuki said, “Being an actor means you can become any kind of person – even a pirate.”

When Kazuki was 19 he left home for Tokyo, and represented himself as his own manager through a wealth of roles as an extra.  However, after his efforts yielded only uninspired results, he became disappointed with his lack of success and spent 4 years living a vagabond’s life, travelling through Australia, South America and Southeast Asia.  It was during this time he realized that running away wouldn’t solve his problems and so he set out to return home.  This would prove to be a turning point in his career - since his return to Japan he has starred in a plethora of movies such as Terumae Romae, and television dramas including 14 Year old Mother and the most recent 3PM Weekday Lover.

Kitamura Kazuki kiss

Smooch! (source)

*(This article was [poorly!] translated from Kitamura Kazuki’s Japanese wiki [link])

Kitamura Kazuma copy

Gyoza Zamurai Climbs a Mountain in 1 Minute

Had some extra time yesterday, so I thought I’d climb a rural mountain wee out in the boonies.

Star Trek TNG – Animated!

Working on some new projects over at New Grounds.  Engage! :)

We are the Borg scrnsht

Star Trek TNG – Animated!

Princess Super Peach – Re-Gendering Video Games

Princess Super Peach

Princess Super Peach

Also available at Deviant Art and NewGrounds

Jesus and Buddha – Roommates?? (Review)

Jesus and Buddha get some well-deserved time off and decide to vacay in Tachikawa, Japan!  Yes, that’s the premise of this manga-movie franchise.

聖☆おにいさん the Movie

聖☆おにいさん the Movie (link)

It was only after I rented this DVD (yes there is still a market for renting movies in Japan!!) that I realized a manga precedes it, but the film is a great stand alone – a cute homage to two of the world’s most popular religious icons (or perhaps ‘mascot’ in modern parlance?) - Saint Young Men receives my blessing!

The movie is pretty short, and itself comprised mostly of short stories – but a pleasant way to while away a lonely afternoon (and those interested will be curious about the brief insights into religion in Japan).  It’s your average slice-of-life genre story with a fun but spiritual twist, and the jokes will make you smile (***SPOILERS) such as when Jesus and a mafia boss trade stories about how they spent time being punished by the State, only to be ‘sprung’ by their f(F)athers.

Check it ewt!

Generations’ MENDE 関口メンディー

Current Status: MENDE

Current Status: MENDE

Today’s celebrity of choice is none other than Generations’ Mende (メンディー)!

Mende ・ メンディー

Mende ・ メンディー

Now, I’m not a big fan of pop music or idol groups in Japan – show me one who can sing and they will have earned my respect as singers.  But I have a special place in my heart for Mende.  From his lame jokes (“ゴメンディー!;” ”いけメンディー!”), to his sheer athletic prowess (he won at Run for Money [逃走中])!!  For those who don’t know, Run for Money is the most thrilling game of tag you’ll ever experience! (See Mende run here!)

Note also the dreamy smile.  Now that’s just science talking.

But most recently I saw Mende on TV wearing a TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS  JERSEY!!!  (see below)

MENDE in a Toronto jerse. メンディー がカナダのジャージ着てる

MENDE in a Toronto hockey jersey. メンディー がカナダのジャージ着てる

All right, Mende – you’ve won my heart!  Let’s spill your beans all over the English world!  (…errr)

(Source information found here)

Mende was born in 1991 in New Jersey to his Japanese mother and Nigerian father.  He moved to Japan when he was a year old and played baseball all the way up to high school.  Allegedly wanting to become popular with the ladies, he enrolled in a post secondary sports school and got into dance.

Apparently Generations picked him up within two years!

He likes spring rolls, asparagus, and his blood type is O.

I’ll be keeping my eye on you, Mende…

Snow Mende 雪のメンディー

Snow Mende 雪のメンディー


Tools for drawing manga


Just this week I found a place that made my dreams come true.  And as suspicious as the link above may look, it’s nothing red light or blue at all.  Comic Space is a centre for manga artists to gather, draw, copy, scan and commune – not to mention BUY MANGA GEAR!

Manga Gear!

Manga Gear!  All this for only 1,900 yen!

Just a 5 minute walk from Kokura Station in Kitakyushu City, I found everything I needed to get drawing (well, believe it or not they didn’t have any erasers, u_u).  But paper – GIANT PIECES of paper made SPECIFICALLY for drawing comic art onto!  Like 18 x 27 cm slices of cloud.  PLUS paint brush pen things and copic multiliner regular-type pens.  And blue pencil lead for drawing the drafts!  I am so excited!

Tandem Ritsumeikan University Graphic Work

More graphic design from Cameron Ohara for Tandeum at Ristumeikan University

Internet Presence

Be sure to check out my work for Canada Journal and please peruse my gallery!

Wedding Cartoon – “A Rivalry”

Yo everyone! Here’s my next biggest step into the WORLD OF ANIMATION! It’s about a girl from Japan who travels to Canada and brings back a boy…. what will her puppy think of the girl’s new companion???

Animation by Cameron Ohara.
Music by Weezer – “Burnt Jamb”

Sorry for the poor video quality! Anyone know a way around this?


Canada Journal Fliers

New graphic work added to my portfolio! For more information, check out or take a look at my (now discontinued) English/Japanese blog on their site at  Check out other author’s for daily updates in Japanese~

Canada Journal English Group Lesson

Canada Journal Flier back


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