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How to draw a bad ass Mario

No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

No-goodnik Mario (the Yankee)

Materials: blue lead mechanical pencil, 0.7 regular led mechanical pencil, black Tradio pen, black Pilot V pen (F), black writing brush (筆ペン), Letraset Pro Markers, Photoshop…. erasers and stuff.

First of all I did a Google image search to find some good yankee photos and poses.  Next (click the images for details):

Matsuko Deluxe Robot

matsuko dx 1

Matsuko DX is the BEST! You don’t even know.

And if you didn’t already know there are now TWO of them……… but ONE of them is a rob’t!

Can you tell which is which??  I’ll give you a hint – it’s the one with the big black power cable coming out from under her skirt.

matsuko dx 2

Note to self: I’m gonna try drawing more Japanese celebrities. One a week! That’s my goal!

Particulate Matters – Air Pollution in Fukuoka

The dusty earth of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is not as far away as you may think. In fact, I live in it every spring.

PM 2.5 1

From about March to May every year, Fukuoka (and other neighbouring prefectures and countries) are blasted with winds from the east. These winds carry over what’s known as “yellow sand” from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.  With this wind and sand also comes Particulate Matter 2.5, turning blue skies grey and causing health problems in humans and other animals.

PM 2.5 3

Daily forecasts for PM2.5 (as it is referred to in Japanese) can be found easily in the news. The term comes from the size of the particulate matter, as it is 2.5 micrometers or less in size.

And it is the size which makes it most deadly. Because this matter is so small, it can enter deeper into the lungs than other pollutants, causing lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

PM 2.5 4

For safety I bought special masks to help filter out some of this debris. It’s not a perfect solution, but it does cut down on how much I inhale everyday.

This is just an anecdote, but I’ve heard that inhaling PM2.5 is just as bad as smoking tobacco.  If this is true, it means you smokers out there are smoking twice as much as you thought.

PM 2.5 2

Pervert Man

Below, the movie title in English reads “Ordinary Man.”
However, the Japanese reads, “Pervert Man.”

As one of my best buds said, “The translator for this is a genius.”


“Ordinary Man” = “Pervert Man”


edit: The tags for this post include “pervert” and “hentai” – leave a comment if you were looking for porn when you found this!

SKY PIGS 1.1 – Hunger Lives at 24 Sussex

The Prime Minister is hungry… again!!

The full moon has come, making the Prime Minister ravenous with hunger. It’s up to the Sky Cops, Marjorie and Louis, to gather the necessary Canadian foods to satiate the Prime Minster… before it’s too late!

There have been a few hiccups in completing SKY PIGS 2, so I decided to do a ‘short’ episode while I wait for things to settle. If you haven’t seen SKY PIGS the Pilot, check it out here:

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