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Wedding Cartoon – “A Rivalry”

Yo everyone! Here’s my next biggest step into the WORLD OF ANIMATION! It’s about a girl from Japan who travels to Canada and brings back a boy…. what will her puppy think of the girl’s new companion???

Animation by Cameron Ohara.
Music by Weezer – “Burnt Jamb”

Sorry for the poor video quality! Anyone know a way around this?


the Love Shrine


Love is in the air – and perhaps also at your local shrine!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Or rather – to everyone into the whole Valentine’s shtick. To the rest of you: *whisper voice* you’re better off….


But hey, whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s or not, you’ve gotta admit this place looks really fun!

That was a horrible introduction and my name is Cameron! We’ve been working hard here to get this blog back into regular publication: 2014 is going to be a year of rebirth. And what better way to… uh…. be born… than in a messy splat of Valentine’s photography.

This Valentine’s why not check out Koinoki Shrine (恋木神社), the love-inspired shirne in south Fukuoka? Geez I mean like looook at this place! If you can imagine it, it’s probably in Fukuoka.


Do you have an interesting shrine your area? Or maybe even a love shrine?? Leave a comment below!


Don’t forget to bring a towel… (to Japan)

My first night in Tokyo, in the year xxx8 – tired, wet, jet lagged and homesick. And without a towel. It was September and the humidity was even higher than Tokyo Tower (wow, what a great analogy lolz). I was sopping wet from sweat and there was no place to dry off: no face cloth in my suitcase, and no paper towel in the washroom. I never thought I’d say it, but the lack of paper towel was the worst culture shock I ever experienced – carrying around that soggy T-shirt and wet mop of hair around with me all night. Little did I know there were hankies and hand towels on sale at every convenience store up and down the block.

Nevertheless if I look back on it now, I can`t help but smile.  I had a really good friend with me, and delicious Asahi Beer to boot.  My first night in Tokyo is one that I will never forget. :)


しかしながら今から見ると、友達がその時そばに居てくれたり、とんでもなく旨いアサヒビールやご飯を食べたりできたから、いい思い出に思える。東京へ初めて行ったその頃一生も忘れない。 n_n

My first night in Tokyo.

My first night in Tokyo.

Ex-Pats at Karaoke

Sleeping inside aEx-Pats-at-Karaoke

music box.  Noisy lights white, red.

Spinning.  No way home.

A raven-haired dancer

at his palm – dreaming she done her

song; Pacific pop.

Bottled water and

popcorn; Their L-shaped bodies.  They

sang for the future


I’ll always be looking for you

that I might see you nearby

on the train platform

on the other side of alley windows

Even though there’s no reason you’d be there

Girl of the rising

star.  Eyes like red leaves twirling.  What

is your native land?

never did get you there.

Canada Blog! (New from Cameron Ohara!)

Hello everyone! Wow, it really feels good to be back! I missed this ‘type a new post’ page.
How have you all been? Super genki, I trust!

I have but one update as of this moment, but keep your ears to the tracks for more coming on Angry Gaijin. I have lots of construction and re-vamping to take care of, but first…!

Canadascape pin

I would like to invite you all to my new Canadaism Blog.  As I said, I am going to continue with Angry Gaijin (although it may take new form), but I am transferring all of my Canada-related content (that means my web comic and such!) to

There isn’t much up yet, but I would be so happy to see you all hitting the ‘follow’ button over there.  I will be using Canadaism for Canadian content, and also to showcase my freelance graphic design business.

Also, to any bloggers blogging about or from within Canada, I am compiling a list of Canadian blogs.  Let me know if you want your’s featured at

I look forward to seeing you all there!  Canadaism = Everyone is Welcome!

Cherry Blossom Art Offer

Hope you’re all enjoying the cherry blossoms this year! Here’s a little YouTube video of me out with the dog looking at the pretty treeeeeez!

I also just wanted to let everyone know that I am officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS as an artist! Sorry for the shameless plugging, but if you are a blogger looking for art for your site, send me an email at angry(dot)gaijin00(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment here!

And feel free to go ahead and check out my Artist for Hire page for samples and the lot of it!

Kiss Your School Goodbye! ♥チュー学校のキス♥

This picture has apparently been circling around on Japanese Twitter.

The Middle School Kiss

It is a Middle School (Jr. High School) grad photo from this year, taken at a school in Osaka.  Apparently the photo has caused a bit of commotion with parents and teachers.  I think it’s just kinda sweet.  What do you think?

link 1

link 2

Average Canadian – Act 1

Welcome to the pilot of my new web show! :)


-love Cameron

Ssssoooooooo Happppyyyyyy!!


further emotional updates as they develop..!


Referendum for another kiss!

This made my day.

I wasn’t gunna post again till Thursday, but I saw this in a Japanese newspaper and I had to share.

Call me an idealist, but seeing this picture and all the amazing, left-wing, freedom fighting, for the people, Great World things that these two people represent to me all tied up in a kiss made me feel oh, so warmyeee…..

This is what Aung San Suu Kyi looks like on my guitar (guitar currently under maintenance).

And this is what Aung San Suu Kyi sounds like on my guitar (below)…  Sadly the band and I still haven’t gotten to doing a better version than this… :(  I wrote the lyrics to this song after when thinking about how easy it is to complain about things and mope around about life.  I thought, “What would someone like Aung San think of someone like me complaining about my own 1st world problems..?  What would she think if she new I was moaning over my own self pity..?  She’d tell me to get the crap in shape, I bet!”

Please watch this film!  Or at least read Aung San’s wiki.


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