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the face changer, Zawachin

If you don’t know how to change your name and assume the identity of another person…

You don’t know the power of make-up.

Forget the masks from Mission Impossible, check out make-up artiste, Zawachin (ざわちん).  Please note that ALL of the pictures below are of the same person.

A part of the mono-mane comedic impression culture of Japan television, Zawachin adds to the FOUNDATION, as it were, of the art. Not to mention she can do you up as your favourite celebrity as well!

SKY PIGS – Inimitable Horizon

Sky Pigs Louis copy

Louis – caught between a rock and an inimitable horizon. Just another week or two before the SKY PIGS animated pilot is RELEASED!


SKY PIGS – Cool Canada

SKY PIGS animated pilot episode COMING JANUARY 2015

SKY PIGS animated pilot episode COMING JANUARY 2015

SkyTrain Express 999

空中鉄道Sky Pigs copy

Sky Pigs! Coming January 2015 (Steam Train Willy)

Steam Sky Train Willy

Storyboards – solve problems BEFORE they occur (Part 2)


(Click here for part 1 – “Hierarchy and How to Write a Cartoon”)

Now I’m no veteran when it comes to storyboarding – heck, I’m not much good at planning no matter what form it comes in!  I like to dive face first into a new project – really break my teeth on the cement.  But what often results is that I have a story with no direction, or a drawing that remains unfinished because I don’t remember why I started drawing it.

So for my new, up-coming cartoon SKY PIGS, I decided to really put the time and effort into detailing the entire story before I did anything else.  WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT??

SP storyboard 2

Storyboard 2

SP storyboard 3

Storyboard 3

SP storyboard 4

Storyboard 4

SP storyboard 5

Storyboard 5

Even by looking at my bullshit storyboards for SKY PIGS, you can probably see that camera angles, sequences of action, and positioning of characters (not to mention their poses and facial expressions) can be decided early on with the help of storyboards.

In a larger sense, and to quote this website, storyboards help “to visualize the scenes and find potential problems before they occur.”

Like I said, I like to grind my teeth on asphalt – and so I actually did kind of a half-assed job with these storyboards.  That is, I didn’t write in a lot of action or detail.  BUT LET ME STRESS how much further along I would be with SKY PIGS if I had tended to the details in the storyboarding phase.  Instead, I found myself a little lost while animating because I hadn’t already completed work on actions and framing, etc.  There is so much room for creativity in this phase, it’s astounding.  I believe there can be creative input at any stage of the game, but storyboarding is when the big stuff gets nailed down.

Needless to say, you don’t need to sit here and take my noob advice.  In fact, I highly recommend checking out this website for more information on storyboarding – it is a virtual endless supply of storyboard-related resources, so I would definitely check it out.

Bottom line – storyboards are our friends!!  Not to mention they make awesome artifacts of cartoon history and heritage (again, I’d scroll down aways to see all this site has to offer).


Hierarchy and How to Write a Cartoon (Part 1)

SKY PIGS - NEW CARTOON!! (coming soon!)

SKY PIGS – NEW CARTOON!! (coming soon!)

I’ve been drawing since I was a wee little lad.  But tow me by my wet arse hole around town square if I ever say I know how to write a decent story!

This was how I thought a mere 6 weeks ago – it was the beginning of November, and since the beginning of 2014 I had completed my first cartoon projects, opened a NewGrounds account, and done animation work for friends on their wedding days (see below).  I was ready for a bigger project – something that would really challenge myself.

I wanted to write a cartoon series for the Internets – all of the Internets!  But gishdabbit!  I had no idea how to write a story that would be able to hold its own quivering mass together.

That’s when I started asking the Internet for help – looking at the usual WikiHow pages (filled with horribly OBVIOUS and UNHELPFUL information).  It wasn’t until I stumbled across the website of an old (CANADIAN!) hero of mine that I found my answers.

AT THIS POINT EVERYONE SHOULD JUST GIVE UP READING MY BLOG AND GO TO THIS LINK.  This is the blog of John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy – and the page I’ve linked to above gives an absolutely eye-opening account of story telling in cartoons.

After reading John K’s article, I got to work.  I started with the bare-bones of the story – that is, the first part of the hierarchy of a story, as he describes it.  I roughly outlined the setup, body, climax and end.

Next, I broke down these 4 sections into smaller, more detailed points – making sure that each point contributed to the larger story arch of setup, body, climax and end.  As John K says, this is a great way to pencil in details without getting lost in lines and lines of script and dialogue (that stuff will come more naturally later if the main points are detailed first).  I also found this to be a great way to introduce setup and payoff (introducing story elements early in a story that will have an effect on the overall outcome of the story arch).

This is the hierarchy of writing – setup, body, climax and end are at the top; the more detailed points within these story elements serve the setup, body, climax and end.  Each smaller and more detailed story point serves the point in the hierarchy above it.  John Kricfalusi says it better:

Every detail answers to a larger point or gag which describes the point of a scene which describes the sequence which fits in an order in the overall story. – John K (link)

So once all of this hierarchical writing was finished with, I was ready to move on to the storyboard.  This is when I jumped into Adobe Flash.  But there was still a lot of other work to do as well!  (to be continued…)

Sky Pigs storyboard 1

Sky Pigs storyboard 1

Butt Hole Cream Commercial

This is based on a commercial I saw on Japanese television. I was surprised when I saw a commercial literally begin with the line, “My butt hole is itchy – so itchy!” I thought, “There’s no way a commercial could get away with this back home in Canada. It’s just hysterical!” But the line made for a pretty good flash short, I think.

Pu-Chan and Cambo go to Expo ’86!

The latest in a series of professional disasters.  Pu and Cameron go to town!

Hipster Mario 3D World


A little while ago I did a post about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – and as much as I at first wanted to dislike her (nihilist that I am!), I found that I actually had some respect for her (for one thing her target audience IS NOT pedophilic old men, unlike some major idol groups WHO NEED NOT BE MENTIONED).  But I don’t think I captured just how pervasive this gal has become.

Can you remember a time when we all “DID THE MARIO“?

Well now Mario “does the Pamyu.”


Yes, Nintendo is releasing its newest line of 3DS hardware in Japan with Japan’s biggest fashion auteur, Kyary.  And I must be becoming a consumer whore in my old age because I think I may actually…….. ALMOST……….. kinda……….

But all that aside, me thinks I’d like to see some more of this fashion in future Mario games!  Peach and Luigi are my favs here, yo.



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