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Tools for drawing manga


Just this week I found a place that made my dreams come true.  And as suspicious as the link above may look, it’s nothing red light or blue at all.  Comic Space is a centre for manga artists to gather, draw, copy, scan and commune – not to mention BUY MANGA GEAR!

Manga Gear!

Manga Gear!  All this for only 1,900 yen!

Just a 5 minute walk from Kokura Station in Kitakyushu City, I found everything I needed to get drawing (well, believe it or not they didn’t have any erasers, u_u).  But paper – GIANT PIECES of paper made SPECIFICALLY for drawing comic art onto!  Like 18 x 27 cm slices of cloud.  PLUS paint brush pen things and copic multiliner regular-type pens.  And blue pencil lead for drawing the drafts!  I am so excited!

Tandem Ritsumeikan University Graphic Work

More graphic design from Cameron Ohara for Tandeum at Ristumeikan University

Internet Presence

Be sure to check out my work for Canada Journal and please peruse my gallery!

Canada Journal Fliers

New graphic work added to my portfolio! For more information, check out or take a look at my (now discontinued) English/Japanese blog on their site at  Check out other author’s for daily updates in Japanese~

Canada Journal English Group Lesson

Canada Journal Flier back

Ex-Pats at Karaoke

Sleeping inside aEx-Pats-at-Karaoke

music box.  Noisy lights white, red.

Spinning.  No way home.

A raven-haired dancer

at his palm – dreaming she done her

song; Pacific pop.

Bottled water and

popcorn; Their L-shaped bodies.  They

sang for the future


I’ll always be looking for you

that I might see you nearby

on the train platform

on the other side of alley windows

Even though there’s no reason you’d be there

Girl of the rising

star.  Eyes like red leaves twirling.  What

is your native land?

never did get you there.

Cherry Blossom Art Offer

Hope you’re all enjoying the cherry blossoms this year! Here’s a little YouTube video of me out with the dog looking at the pretty treeeeeez!

I also just wanted to let everyone know that I am officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS as an artist! Sorry for the shameless plugging, but if you are a blogger looking for art for your site, send me an email at angry(dot)gaijin00(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment here!

And feel free to go ahead and check out my Artist for Hire page for samples and the lot of it!

Ssssoooooooo Happppyyyyyy!!


further emotional updates as they develop..!


David Bowie Battle Royale

David Bowie: the sexiest man ever.

Battle Royale (2000): the most brutal movie ever.

Both apart by not even 3 degrees of separation!

How so?

Enter Kitano Takeshi.  Some of you may know him from MXC (or Takeshi’s Castle, as it’s known in Japan).  They refer to him as Vic Romano in the American version (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL).  Seriously though, the dub is HILARIOUS.

This same Kitano Takeshi is a big name in Japan: he is a professor at the Tokyo University of the Arts, owns his own talent agency, production company(#), and FREQUENTLY appears on television and in film.  In fact, he was a member of the cast of Battle Royal, playing the role of ‘Kitano Sensei.’  He is known for his dark sense of humor:


Kitano Takeshi (link)

Kitano Takeshi (link)

In 1983, Takeshi starred in his first major film role.  The film, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, was “based on Laurens van der Post’s experiences during World War II as a prisoner of war” (&).  Coincidentally, the score of this film was by Sakamoto Ryuichi, and has influenced musical artists up until today: in 2009 Utada Hikaru covered the song in her album, This is the One.

Ryuichi starred along side Kitano in this film, along with (interestingly!) Tom Conti (who speaks Japanese non-stop throughout) and, yes, DAVID BOWIE!

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

A very interesting film…. interesting like watching an alien plant bloom in the light of 5 suns after the death of time.  Yep, that kind of film.  But worth a look for sure.

And why am I bringing any of this up at all?

Because on January 15 of this year (2013) , the director of this inspiring and intriguing film, Nagisa Oshima, passed away.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Nagisa Oshima.  You have had played a big role in my time in Japan.  You will be missed.

Making some sweet bling from my blog thing.

This picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

This picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!  Any New Year resolutions?

I have a few:

  • get my drivers licence (aka Operation Kill the Planet)
  • start investing in a retirement savings plan (aka Operation Hope I Haven’t Yet Killed the Planet When I’m 70)
  • write a comic book (aka MY LIFE DREAM)
  • start thinking about long-term work (aka Reality)

Having a job that I can carry with me wherever I go in the world would be pretty handy and it’s gotten me thinking about entrepreneurship and maybe even making something out of this blog.

These past few months I’ve been super eager to learn new ways to promote my blog and connect with a larger audience.  This has changed my writing style, my posting layout, my titles… I’ve felt at times like my blog has become a bit less personal, and that I haven’t quite gotten past the blogger’s learning curve as of yet.  But in the spirit of making New Year resolutions, this year, I hope to make my ANGRY (Friendly) GAIJIN BLOG even better than before (but not necessarily bigger – we all know that if something gets too big, it just becomes painful)… but yes!

And so just like when Laura Prepon guest-starred on House as a blog-addict who couldn’t make a single decision without consulting her followers, I now turn to all of you lovely folks for some help! :)


One thing I’ve seriously considered is monetizing my blog… this could range from putting up ads (hopefully in a tasteful manner) to advertising myself more as a artist and translator for hire.  I was wondering if any of you have any experience in this?  Or any opinions on the matter?

I’ve looked at 3rd party ads and WordPress plug ins.  While the former way be more lucrative, the latter is probably more practical for what I’m doing right now…

Thanks all!  And I want to say one more thing in closing: Thank you all for the awesome year in blogging that was 2012!  I met a lot of you this past year and hope to keep on reading your blogs this year, too!  Thanks for all the likes and comments and from-the-heart conversations we’ve had here.  For the Truth!

yours in waiting ;)


What’s better than SEX?

The friggin’ HUNT.


YOU’D BETTER FRIGGIN’ BELIEVE IT! All of creation put together ≧ SEX.

Rainbow Piano Inspiration


> > > (this drawing is based on this awesome gal)






Sex is pretty cool.  But music is better coz you can make it anywhere, take it anywhere.

Well, ok.  You can make love anywhere (ever done it on a tram?  TRY IT!).  But ok.  With music, you don’t have to clean up afterwards.

Also, you can make music with a whole BUNCH of people all at the same time, AND NO ONE WILL ASK YOU TO WEAR A CONDOM! (probably)

Musical instruments do cost more than sex toys.  But many don’t require expensive batteries or lubricant to use.  As you can see, in the long run you save money.


This past weekend I attended the 24th COUNTRY GOLD out in Kumamoto.  Country Gold is a Country Western outdoor concert featuring bands from across Japan and the United States.

LET ME TELL YOU I DON’T REALLY CARE FOR COUNTRY MUSIC.  But rock ‘n’ roll and country music share common ancestry so the band and I thought it’d be good study to go out and see some talent.  That’s where I saw the piano girl, anyway!

I’ll betcha anything that no one on stage is wearing a condom. (yet)

And speaking of Creation.*  We met the great Buddah in the mountains on the way there.  Can you see him?

His head is at the right, while his feet rest on the left.

*no one claims that Buddha created everything…. or do they?

What say you?  Is MUSIC better than SEX??

Akane Fira 50 MP

Hey all!

I’ve got a little favour to ask~
The website that I’ve been uploading my music to lately has offered to upgrade my account if I can get one of my songs up to 1000 plays by the beginning of November.
They are also offering to upgrade the accounts of all my followers~~ :)
Will you help meeee??
Of all my songs, this one has the most at 122 > > >
Would you help by listening to this song?
Maybe even repeatedly?
Or maybe you could even share this song with someone else who might enjoy it. :)
I’ve got a long way to go to 1000 plays, but I know I can do it with your help.
Thank youuuuu!
and luff

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