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Easter in Japan? (NSFW)

Some cool chick here in Japan asked me, “Yo dude – what’s with those chocolate bunnies at Easter?  My dad told me you guys like used to eat real rabbits, but now they’re made out of chocolate and shit like that.”

Having no idea myself where the Easter Bunny came from, I flashed back to stories I heard of my mother’s German uncle coming to her house and cooking her pet rabbit.

“Duuude, like prolly!”  I said back to her.

But then I looked it up.

And Wikipedia told me that hares (who have like a million babies at a time) and eggs were fertility symbols in the Vernal Equinox of Northern Europe.  The Vernal Equinox is in spring.  Easter is in spring.

There you go. (link)

By the way, there are also fertility symbols in Japan, namely


"Kanamara Matsuri 2007 (phallus festival)-crop" by Saya M. - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

“Kanamara Matsuri 2007 (phallus festival)-crop” by Saya M. – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

*All right, let me rephrase that. The Kanamara Matsuri is a festival in Kawasaki, Japan that sometimes coincides with Easter (both are the 1st Sunday in April this year).  And while I can’t find anything that says these penises are actually meant to be a symbol of fertility, the festival is apparently based off of an Ainu legend.

This Huffington Post article sums it up:

Penis statues, candles, lollipops and masks are just some of the novelty goods you’ll come across during the festival. The penis dates back to a Japanese myth that involving a blacksmith, a demon and a young woman. It’s said that the demon tried to woo the young woman but when she refused its advances, it figured that if it can’t have her, no man could and possessed her vagina.

Yeah, it took over her vagina and gave it teeth. The young woman tried to move on her with life, get married and start a family but the demon wasn’t done tormenting her. When her first two fiancées tried to have sex with her, the demon bit off their penises.

Well, the young woman needed help, so she turned to a local blacksmith who came up with a plan. He was going to de-teeth her vagina with a steel penis. The young woman went along with the plan and when the demon went to bite down on the steel phallus, it shattered its teeth. As a result, the demon fled and left the young woman to carry on with her life. Or so the story goes. -(link)

Cool fact!  The festival has apparently become a means to raise money to research HIV! Check it oot!

(side note: some of the links on the Wikipedia page for this festival are whack… surprise surprise)

Animation Cast #2 – the best place to take a shit

Yay!  It feels so good to talk about the things you love – and I love animation. *burp*

What’s your favourite cartoon or anime?  Drop me a line and I’ll talk about it on the cast.  Yep!



The Swapper –
Song of the Sea –

2Snacks –
Two Best Sisters Play –
Super Best Friends Play –
Tokyo Ghoul –

Animation Cast #1

Have you ever noticed that there are about a billion podcasts for video gaming…

But perhaps zero for animation??

(So I skewed the numbers a little, but my point remains!)

Let’s just say, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.  Introducing the Animation Cast – episode 1!  I’m starting with a short program today because it’s the first episode, but stay tuned for more!

(Click here for audio only)

“Chotto matte, Oniisann” – new comedy in Japan

Atsugiri Jason copy

It’s March in Japan…. and you’re bored because there’s not a whole lot going on.

(aside from…

the tail end of plum blossom viewing
the Doll Festival
White Day
Spring Equinox Day
Elementary school graduation ceremonies
Middle school graduation ceremonies
High school graduation ceremonies
University graduation ceremonies
Welcome parties for new employees
St. Patrick’s Day
Cherry blossom viewings
Sumo tournaments in Osaka
Sake no Jin sake fair in Niigata
AnimeJapan tradeshow in Tokyo
Spring holidays…)

ANYWAY my point is that you’re bored and there’s nothing to do at home but mope about it…

(aside from…

reading manga
playing Wii-U
playing PS4
playing 3DS
eating Japanese potato chips
having a nabe party
making origami
practicing judo
making a YouTube video about being in Japan
turning off the lights and watching people silently from your window
challenging your friends to a raw onion eating contest
drinking yourself stupid on affordable alcohol

But who wants to do ANY of these things when you could be catching up with the latest TV crazes.  Introducing Atsugiri Jason (厚切りジェイソン)!

And if that wasn’t enough for you, why not check out 8.6 Second Bazookaa (8.6秒バズーカー)!



SKY PIGS – Louis and the Fish (GIF)

Louis and the fish

Louis the Bear puts the moves on Lady Fish and gets the cold shoulder… And the strangest thing is he can’t even figure out why!

SKY PIGS 2 coming soon!

Click here for SKY PIGS 1:

SKY PIGS – Louis the Stair Climber!

You climb those stairs, Louis!

Just a little snippet from SKY PIGS 2. I’m working on a scene where Louis explores an empty skytrain station. Trying to PUMP UP that ATMOSPHERE!


While working a 40 hour week I’m struggling to squeeze 20 hours in of animation and drawing for the next SKY PIGS.

But 20 hours is good, right??

Not getting out much these days, lol…

Here are some sprites for the new episode I finished!

Louis sprites Marj sprites

the face changer, Zawachin

If you don’t know how to change your name and assume the identity of another person…

You don’t know the power of make-up.

Forget the masks from Mission Impossible, check out make-up artiste, Zawachin (ざわちん).  Please note that ALL of the pictures below are of the same person.

A part of the mono-mane comedic impression culture of Japan television, Zawachin adds to the FOUNDATION, as it were, of the art. Not to mention she can do you up as your favourite celebrity as well!

SKY PIGS – the Pilot is UP

I can remember the days of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” and “Dudley Do-Right” so I can appreciate the difference between “clean” animations and “style”… You harken back to some good ol’ times.
Hilarious “fluid thought” on the solution to your conflict, and an interesting story to tell (even if not so realistic)… BUT that’s why we reach to animation, isn’t it? We boldly pioneer toward the utterly fantastic and impossible! …Even if it gets a bit silly.
Here’s to seeing you find new traction and growth, hope and wish the best for you.
AND OF COURSE, LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE! (even if in little bits)
-maddude13 (NewGrounds)
 I’m always looking for feedback so let me know what you think – positive or otherwise.
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What to do if you find a lost dog in Japan.

Today I found an injured dog with a collar hobbling down the street on my way to work. There was no name tag so I picked him up and carried him around my neighbourhood looking for someone who’d know what to do. Sadly, no one did. And I had to leave the poor dog in the park I found it in order to catch my train.

Once I got to work I asked around again and found out that there is a number I could have called – that’s the number of my local Department of Health (保険証 in Japanese).

This is the 2nd time I’ve found a poor dog is strange circumstances in Japan.  The first time I saw a limping dog walking straight down the middle of the road… with a car following, slowly, directly behind it – as if it were pushing the dog to press forward.  Unfortunately, I myself was on crutches at the time and could do little more than stare on in disbelief.

If you see some one in trouble – do something about it.  I wish I could have done more for these poor pups.  Please call your local Department of Health (保険証 in Japanese) if you find yourself in a similar situation.


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