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Cameron Ohara

the face changer, Zawachin

If you don’t know how to change your name and assume the identity of another person…

You don’t know the power of make-up.

Forget the masks from Mission Impossible, check out make-up artiste, Zawachin (ざわちん).  Please note that ALL of the pictures below are of the same person.

A part of the mono-mane comedic impression culture of Japan television, Zawachin adds to the FOUNDATION, as it were, of the art. Not to mention she can do you up as your favourite celebrity as well!

SKY PIGS – the Pilot is UP

I can remember the days of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” and “Dudley Do-Right” so I can appreciate the difference between “clean” animations and “style”… You harken back to some good ol’ times.
Hilarious “fluid thought” on the solution to your conflict, and an interesting story to tell (even if not so realistic)… BUT that’s why we reach to animation, isn’t it? We boldly pioneer toward the utterly fantastic and impossible! …Even if it gets a bit silly.
Here’s to seeing you find new traction and growth, hope and wish the best for you.
AND OF COURSE, LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE! (even if in little bits)
-maddude13 (NewGrounds)
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What to do if you find a lost dog in Japan.

Today I found an injured dog with a collar hobbling down the street on my way to work. There was no name tag so I picked him up and carried him around my neighbourhood looking for someone who’d know what to do. Sadly, no one did. And I had to leave the poor dog in the park I found it in order to catch my train.

Once I got to work I asked around again and found out that there is a number I could have called – that’s the number of my local Department of Health (保険証 in Japanese).

This is the 2nd time I’ve found a poor dog is strange circumstances in Japan.  The first time I saw a limping dog walking straight down the middle of the road… with a car following, slowly, directly behind it – as if it were pushing the dog to press forward.  Unfortunately, I myself was on crutches at the time and could do little more than stare on in disbelief.

If you see some one in trouble – do something about it.  I wish I could have done more for these poor pups.  Please call your local Department of Health (保険証 in Japanese) if you find yourself in a similar situation.

SKY PIGS – Inimitable Horizon

Sky Pigs Louis copy

Louis – caught between a rock and an inimitable horizon. Just another week or two before the SKY PIGS animated pilot is RELEASED!



Nintendo sells out to Mercedes-Benz


SKY PIGS – Cool Canada

SKY PIGS animated pilot episode COMING JANUARY 2015

SKY PIGS animated pilot episode COMING JANUARY 2015

Will Riker can’t speak Japanese

riker japanese 2

Did you know there is a Star Trek following in Japan?
Practically everyone knows about the new shitty Star Trek movies, but there are a few people (those I’ve met are typically middle-aged men) who DO THE TREK.

The following is large enough that you can by DVDs of each series (aside from Enterprise – YUCK!) at your local CD and DVD retailer. What’s even better is that this means you can watch your favourite episodes of Trek IN JAPANESE!

Aside all this, there was one episode of the Trek that I wanted to share – Season 2 ‘the Icarus Factor.’ The episode (THAT SHOULD BE) infamous for Jonathan Frakes’ butchering of the Japanese phrase “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.”  There’s nothing that cracks me up more than hearing him yell, “おろしゅ、おもがします!!”

I know, I know – this was 1989 and non-American culture on American TV was probably regarded the same way Bones regarded Spock (with an earthling hand gesture).  Star Trek did an interesting thing trying to pull Japanese culture into its universe (by creating a completely unbelievable parody martial art??).

BUT WHAT REALLY CRACKS ME UP is the set design – in a set full of random Japanese characters (“water,” “star,” STEREOTYPE, STEREOTYPE), etc, there was one curtain in the background that caught my attention.  It was the one that read, in Japanese, “Shuttup asshole!”

riker japanese 1

“Shuttup asshole!” – William Riker

OK, so I’m paraphrasing a little here, but of all the things to put on your martial arts set, why would you write, “Those bastards are NOISY!”?? XD If there’s anyone out there who knows the people who designed this set, I’m really curious where they learned this Japanese.

SkyTrain Express 999

空中鉄道Sky Pigs copy

Taiko Drum Master Like a Boss!

huis ten bosch 5

New Year celebrations at Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki included playing TAIKO no TATSUJIN on the side of A FREAKING BUILDING!!!

From Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, Japan


huis ten bosch 1

Like most people during the winter season, I can’t stop thinking about flamingos and jellyfish. But that’s no reason to build them into your Christmas light display, idiot.

For 2015 I don’t have any particular resolution, but I was asked by a colleague what 2 words I would use to define this year.  My two words – animation and success (aka SKY PIGS!).

How about you?  How will you define this year?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

huis ten bosch 3

The Kingdom of Light!  What a pretty sight!  But I got frostbite.  (Outside from 6 to 2 that night).

huis ten bosch 2

Standing pretty building.

Sky Pigs! Coming January 2015 (Steam Train Willy)

Steam Sky Train Willy


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