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Tools for drawing manga


Just this week I found a place that made my dreams come true.  And as suspicious as the link above may look, it’s nothing red light or blue at all.  Comic Space is a centre for manga artists to gather, draw, copy, scan and commune – not to mention BUY MANGA GEAR!

Manga Gear!

Manga Gear!  All this for only 1,900 yen!

Just a 5 minute walk from Kokura Station in Kitakyushu City, I found everything I needed to get drawing (well, believe it or not they didn’t have any erasers, u_u).  But paper – GIANT PIECES of paper made SPECIFICALLY for drawing comic art onto!  Like 18 x 27 cm slices of cloud.  PLUS paint brush pen things and copic multiliner regular-type pens.  And blue pencil lead for drawing the drafts!  I am so excited!

Tandem Ritsumeikan University Graphic Work

More graphic design from Cameron Ohara for Tandeum at Ristumeikan University

Internet Presence

Be sure to check out my work for Canada Journal and please peruse my gallery!

Wedding Cartoon – “A Rivalry”

Yo everyone! Here’s my next biggest step into the WORLD OF ANIMATION! It’s about a girl from Japan who travels to Canada and brings back a boy…. what will her puppy think of the girl’s new companion???

Animation by Cameron Ohara.
Music by Weezer – “Burnt Jamb”

Sorry for the poor video quality! Anyone know a way around this?


Canada Journal Fliers

New graphic work added to my portfolio! For more information, check out or take a look at my (now discontinued) English/Japanese blog on their site at  Check out other author’s for daily updates in Japanese~

Canada Journal English Group Lesson

Canada Journal Flier back

Canada the Theme Park!


Status: Ginger
Equip: Hat of Green Gables

Did you know that there was a Canada-themed amusement park in Japan??!  (LINK!)

It looks like the place has since been closed, but HOW COOL IS IT that there was a CANADA WORLD out there somewhere!!! (and also not somewhere in Canada).  More specifically the park was themed for the characters of Lucy Maude Montgomery‘s Anne of Green Gables books…  BUT IT’S STILL THE HYPEST!!

This week I’d like to give a shout out to fellow creative mind Terry Dawes and the documentary that will be the best thing since Canada BEAT THE WORLD in hockey not even a week ago:  Anne of Japan is the new upcoming documentary about the Japanese fascination with this beloved Canadian girl.

Check it out!  And while you’re there, why not consider KickStarting Terry’s project with a few bucks!

Don’t forget to check out my last post – you have to SLEEP it to BELIEVE it!

Status Effects: Sleep

Status: Tired Equip: Comfee Armor

Status: Tired
Equip: Comfee Armor

I really like the compartmentalization of ailments in video games.  Whether poison, haste, or zombie – they are all neat status changers with consistent effects and cures.  If only modern medicine were so simple!  Perhaps the early coding of the universe was as simplistic as this…

Although my current status is tired, sleep is a condition in gaming dating back as far as the original Final Fantasy.  But as Dungeons and Dragons as been around since the 1970′s, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sleep status effect has been around much longer than the original Nintendo.  

Although the reason for sleep still evades scientists, a sleeping body is want to heal and grow – just as your party will recover their HP at the local Inn in your favourite RPG.  And although being put to sleep by a magic attack during battle can leave you vulnerable, sometimes when playable characters wake up they are full of health and vitality.  Even animals that hibernate in a state of decreased body temperature will increase their temperature to a state of normalcy in order to sleep.

An interesting article by the Huffington Post suggests that China gets more sleep on weekdays than any other country studied (9 hours plus per person).  Canada is pretty average, but Japan has the least.  However before we start blaming this on usual suspects like unpaid overtime and death by overwork, it looks as though the average person in Japan still clocks over 7 hours on an average work day.  Not enough for me, but pretty decent for most folks.

Good night.

Know your bidet

Did you know that the electronic bidet was introduced to Korea and Japan in the 1980s?

Don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Did you know that the Japanese bidet is intended only for women to use?  The ‘wash spray’ is for the anus.


Question:  Why don’t we use bidet in North America???

(1) (2)

the Love Shrine


Love is in the air – and perhaps also at your local shrine!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Or rather – to everyone into the whole Valentine’s shtick. To the rest of you: *whisper voice* you’re better off….


But hey, whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s or not, you’ve gotta admit this place looks really fun!

That was a horrible introduction and my name is Cameron! We’ve been working hard here to get this blog back into regular publication: 2014 is going to be a year of rebirth. And what better way to… uh…. be born… than in a messy splat of Valentine’s photography.

This Valentine’s why not check out Koinoki Shrine (恋木神社), the love-inspired shirne in south Fukuoka? Geez I mean like looook at this place! If you can imagine it, it’s probably in Fukuoka.


Do you have an interesting shrine your area? Or maybe even a love shrine?? Leave a comment below!


Halloween Cosplay Giveaway!


Don’t forget to bring a towel… (to Japan)

My first night in Tokyo, in the year xxx8 – tired, wet, jet lagged and homesick. And without a towel. It was September and the humidity was even higher than Tokyo Tower (wow, what a great analogy lolz). I was sopping wet from sweat and there was no place to dry off: no face cloth in my suitcase, and no paper towel in the washroom. I never thought I’d say it, but the lack of paper towel was the worst culture shock I ever experienced – carrying around that soggy T-shirt and wet mop of hair around with me all night. Little did I know there were hankies and hand towels on sale at every convenience store up and down the block.

Nevertheless if I look back on it now, I can`t help but smile.  I had a really good friend with me, and delicious Asahi Beer to boot.  My first night in Tokyo is one that I will never forget. :)


しかしながら今から見ると、友達がその時そばに居てくれたり、とんでもなく旨いアサヒビールやご飯を食べたりできたから、いい思い出に思える。東京へ初めて行ったその頃一生も忘れない。 n_n

My first night in Tokyo.

My first night in Tokyo.


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